Diving in Corsica: the underwater world around the Lavezzi Islands

Scuba Diving in Southern Corsica:

Diving in the waters around the Lavezzi Islands



The Lavezzi Archipelago, part of the  Bonifacio Natural Reserve, is a paradise for divers and surrounded by a stunning turquoise sea. Between the beaches and secret coves scuba lovers can immerse themselves in a magnificent underwater world in the heart of Southern Corsica.

Diving  Ile de Cavallo has been leading underwater excursions in this marine paradise for years and introducing newcomers to Corsica to groupers, barracuda and the colorful coral that covers the seabed. Guides are passionate about the sea and love leading guests of the Hotel des Pecheurs on unique aquatic adventures. To learn more about these scuba excursions read an interview with Marco Tortoreto, manager of the diving center.

Discovering Corsican under water life: diving spots around the Lavezzi Islands


The major diving sites of Southern Corsica are located near the Lavezzi Islands: areas where you can submerge into the beauty of marine life; secret entrances into a magnificent world that are closer to science fiction than reality.

The most celebrated spot is without a doubt Città delle Cernie (City of Groupers): northwest of Lavezzi covered in sea-whip and seashells where a colony of 30 giant dusky groupers live. This curious species has become accustomed to the presence of man and accompany divers throughout the immersion revealing interesting behavior along the way.

West of Lavezzi lies Testa del Cavallo, which is remarkable for its variety of marine flora and fauna along with the spectacular sea caves and ravines.

Southwest of Lavezzi are the Pilone di Lavezzi (Pillars of Lavezzi) a marvelous area filled with crevices and canyons that provide the perfect retreat for groupers and croakers. This is also where you’ll find Beccu with its natural arches covered with yellow cluster anemone and monolithic slabs of granite where all types of fish take refuge.

Lastly between Porto Vecchio and Cavallo is Toro, named after the nearby rocks that resemble the horns of a bull. Here the immersion is dominated by the beauty of the large canyon, marine flora and fauna and enormous groupers and snappers that fearlessly approach divers.