Holidays in Corsica 2017: 5 interesting facts about the island of Cavallo

Holiday in Corsica 2017:

5 inteesting facts about the magical island of Cavallo

Vacanze in Corsica 2017: 5 curiosità sull’isola di Cavallo


The island of Cavallo, as well as having a beautiful sea and enchanting panoramic views, is a magical place entwined with many interesting facts, legends and history.

In this article we would like to share with you 5 interesting facts regarding the island of Cavallo, which will make your holiday in this incredible location in the southernmost tip of Corsica, even more fascinating!


Interesting facts about the island: 1 – name impregnated by history

The first curiosity is tied to the peculiar name of the island; the name “Cavallo” goes back to the II century a.C., when the ancient Romans used to arrive on the Corsican coasts to remove blocks of stone for the construction of temples in Olbia and Rome. The name “Cavallo” derives from the latin word “Cavus” which indicates the excavations of the ancient caves of Roman origin, and not the animal as many are wrong to think; with “cavallo” being Italian for horse.


Interesting facts about the island: 2 – the artistic rocks

Amongst the beauty of the island of Cavallo, we must add the enchanting artistic rocks of the location. The rocks are a true creative expression from mother nature; not only because they represent a distinctive area of the landscape but also as a result of the shapes and colours which define them.


Interesting facts about the island: 3 – the ancient face of Jesus

Amid the very particular rocks of Cavallo, one can also distinguish historical findings: as a matter of fact during the Roman dominion, the first Christian slaves who arrived on the island, engraved the face of Jesus with the Sacred Chalice into the rock, this representation of Christ is dated the beginning of the III century a.C. and is considered as one of the most ancient relics of the Christian religion.

Interesting facts about the island: 4 – rare wild orchids


Sardinia and Corisca are renowned for the vast quantities of wild orchids present in the region. Two original varieties of this spectacular flower grows on the island of Cavallo. With their bright and summery colours, the orchids of Cavallo are in full bloom right now, to accompany you throughout the summer season.


Interesting facts about the island: 5 – the Eye of Saint Lucia

Gifts also arrive from the sea! Along the shores of “La Double” it is possible to find rare shells called Eye of Saint Lucia. From its elegant and delicate shape, these shells are not only a beautiful jewel to wear but they are also considered, as far as popular belief is concerned, to be amulets of  protection against the evil eye.