3 Spa tips to take care of yourself during winter

3 tips from our Spa to take care of yourself during the winter



Winter is coming! Unfortunately, the beautiful days spent in the sun on the beautiful island of Cavallo are over for this year.

The onset of cold weather puts a strain not only on our body but also on our psychological balance; In fact at a glance, the body which is even more sensitive following the prolonged exposure to summer sunlight, weakens in the colder months; combine this with the return to the hustle and bustle of a daily routine and the results are additional stress for our health balance.

Anita, the SPA manager of the Hotel des Pecheurs, is ready to confide 3 tips for taking care of yourself before and during the winter months. These suggestions are real spa treatments that everyone can treat themselves to in order to pamper the body and mind, so as to keep fit and face the winter more positively!

1 – Purify the body

With the change of season, the body needs a constant set of purifying activities: you can eliminate all toxins with treatments that work both outside and inside our bodies.

The sauna is one of the ideal practices to accomplish this: 20 minutes of traditional sauna or bio sauna, with an intermediate pause of 5 minutes, this will help to constantly purify the skin.

We can integrate the sauna with mother tincture treatments: 15 drops of Birch and 30 drops of Pilosella diluted in a pint of water to drink throughout the day for 15 days.

2 – Relax your mind

The mind wants its part! Drink lots of water and pamper yourself with the warm aroma of herbal tea, which allows us to relax our nerves and find the right psychophysical harmony.

Anita suggests Sonnentor orange and red tea Rooibos: a special blend, very suitable for the winter for its intense and soothing scent, which allows you to benefit from all the special properties of tea but at the same time is caffeine free.

3 – Tone your Body

The daily rhythms of life, sedentary winter and increased appetite result in our bodies losing strength and physical endurance. For this reason, alternating classic massage cycles with Thai massages (both body and face) allow our muscles to remain firm.

Lymphatic drainage massage is very suitable to increase the firmness of the body, it is a special massage technique that helps to drain excess fluid. Anita recommends practicing this treatment with essential oils of sage, rosemary and mandarin.

Finally, a good dose of physical activity, exercise in the gym or Pilates classes, is the easiest way to stay in shape and face the winter full of energy!