5 tips from our SPA to restore well-being for the summer!

5 tips from our SPA to restore well-being for the summer!


5 consigli SPA per ritrovare il benessere prima dell’estate

The summer is approaching! It’s time to awaken your senses and your body from the winter hibernation and prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for the good weather. Anita, our SPA manager at the Hotel des Pecheurs on the island of Cavallo, is ready to advise on the five steps, or rather, on small spa treatments  to be followed in order to get ready for the upcoming summer holidays.

1 – Awaken your skin

One of the first steps before the arrival of summer, is to awaken your skin; the goal is to make it more resistant and resilient to the long exposure in the summer sun Gommage treatments (ie a type of scrub) remove the dead skin cells and stimulate the regeneration of a new layer of stronger and more resistant skin.

2 – Protect your face

The face is a very sensitive area of our bodies because it is always exposed to the weather elements. Wind, cold and city pollution have weakened the facial tissues during the winter.A cycle of concentrated treatments in this particular area helps the facial tissues regain vigor and prepares the skin for  sun exposure.It is advisable to commence a program of beta-carotene and Tyrosine supplements or drink juices rich in vitamins and vegetables, such as carrots, tomatoes, peppers…

3 – Purify your body

To make your body stronger you must first work from within; one of the first steps to purify oneself from stress and the winter excesses,  is to drink ad hoc teas. Turmeric and dandelion are two rich spices with purifying benefits for the body: the first is effective for a good intestinal health whilst the latter helps with the efficient functioning of the kidneys and digestive system.

4 – Awaken your physique

It is necessary to combine all spa treatments with a good and regular sport; a walk outdoors accompanied by proper breathing is the first step to awaken one’s body. Another activity that everyone can consider is Nordic walking, which is a sport that builds endurance, strength and muscle functionality for the entire body.

5 – Feed yourself!

Let’s not forget that following a proper balanced diet throughout the year is the main step to always being healthy and beautiful; carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, protein, if all these elements are well balanced with one another other, they help to maintain  health and balance in our bodies!