Grape Harvest at Villa Tolomei: our passion for wines made in Tuscany

Grape Harvest Villa Tolomei:

Discover our passion for wines made in Tuscany!

History, photos and flavors: all our passion for Tuscan tradition, from grape harvesting to wine tasting with Villa Tolomei’s 100% made in Tuscany!

The grape harvest is one of the most fascinating and oldest customs of mankind; for centuries, farmers have been a part of an ancestral natural process. Through the same rituals and following the rhythms of nature, men give life to wine, “the gift of Bacchus”, which accompanies the happiest moments of our lives.

In Tuscany, the link with the grape harvest has been consolidated in the very roots of culture and territory; a tradition so ancient and valuable that it has resulted in  Tuscan wines being categorized amongst national and worldwide wine excellences.

Every year, Villa Tolomei prepares itself for the awaited time of the grape harvest; a tradition which for our estate reflects the strong link with the fruits and the beauty of Tuscany. The grapes from our vineyards, perfect in every phase of growth until the time of maturation, are harvested with the respect for tradition and the environment. The excitement of the first grape cluster which is picked, is relived year after year, and it is also the first step for the production of our regional Tuscan wines:


Villa Tolomei’s Chianti celebrates a world renowned wine quality; its intense color and deep flavor make it a great wine to enjoy with traditional cheese and meats.

Our Sangiovese Toscano, The Secret of the Angels, from the notes of red and black fruits twisted gently with floral fragrances.

Villa Tolomei’s Chardonnay, the king of white wines, fills the palate with a fresh and delicious taste; ideal to be accompany by fish delicacies prepared with care by our chef.

Tasting ” Tuscan Excellences of Villa Tolomei”

Villa Tolomei estate gives you the opportunity to relive our passion for this land and its products through the “Tuscan Excellences of Villa Tolomei” by tasting our wines from the previous harvests and our production IGP extra virgin olive oil of  all of which are accompanied by traditional canapés, cheese and meats from local farms. All of these wonderful regional flavors are sampled in our picturesque location surrounded by the green hills of Florence.

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