Summer Holidays? Southern Corsica: nature and sea to be experienced

The ideal summer vacation?

Southern Corsica: nature and sea to be experienced


The ingredients for a perfect summer vacation? wildlife , stunning scenery and most importantly heavenly seas!

These three features, in addition to being the perfect synthesis of the holiday we all desire, fully represent the “Island of Beauty “, better known as Corsica. In particular , the south of Corsica, in the area of the Strait of Bonifacio, is the solution for all those looking for a holiday surrounded by nature and uncontaminated seas, taking the time to relax but at the same time discovering a very unique place.

Southern Corsica: Wild nature

Corsica is a small paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean in between rocky peaks and crystal clear waters; with short boat, bike or electrical car transfers, the concentrated territory allows you to discover the various natural environments from the wild hinterland to the deserted coast: endless forests crossed by rivers and lakes, mountains that fade into the blue sky, the bays and the most beautiful beaches soaked by the turquoise waters of the southern seas.

An experience to be lived at least once in your lifetime is the area of the Strait of Bonifacio, a real nature reserve which includes the passage between Corsica and Sardinia: here, nature’s spectacle, of the Maddalena, Lavezzi and Cavallo island, has nothing to envy from her more distant, exotic locations.

vancanze-estate-corsica-del-sud-natura-e-mare5Vacanze d’estate? Corsica del sud: natura e mare da vivere

Southern Corsica: Breathtaking scenery

 Wild nature can only but provide breathtaking landscapes. Tips on what to see? There aren’t preferential places to recommend, because the whole of southern Corsica, the Strait of Bonifacio, the island of Cavallo and all the other areas represent a real sight: from the flora to the crystalline seas, the soft rays of dawn to the bright colors of the sunset, from the jagged cliffs to enchanted beaches.

vancanze-estate-corsica-del-sud-natura-e-mare2Vacanze d’estate? Corsica del sud: natura e mare da vivere

Southern Corsica: Clear waters and pristine beaches

And yet Corsica and the Strait of Bonifacio are mainly known for the transparent waters that bathe the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. A sea of ​​incredible beauty with shades of turquoise, which are tinged with notes fire at sunrise and sunset. The seabed is rich in marine flora and fauna, ready to be discovered by diving enthusiasts. The beaches, surrounded by rocks of artistic features, have fine sand that sparkles in the sun like diamonds. In particular, the beaches of the various islands, such as Cavallo, reserve all the peace and privacy to enjoy and relaxing summer.

vancanze-estate-corsica-del-sud-natura-e-mare3Vacanze d’estate? Corsica del sud: natura e mare da vivere