conventino marignolle

“Heavenly Tastes”

Florence is undoubtedly one of the most important capitals of Italian cuisine. As in other  art cities, hospitality and food services are at the heart of an economy that employs its people in the tourism industry.

That of Tuscan cuisine is a tradition that, thanks to a long experience, has become famous all over the world as a synonym for eating well and healthy. Despite being a popular destination for mass tourism, the centre of Florence still offers high-quality food services and it is almost impossible not to eat well in the city. Quality is found also and especially outside the city walls and in the surrounding countryside, most notably in the famous Chianti area, where the wine of the same name is produced.

This important reality has been fully embraced by “Il Conventino a Marignolle” located in a 16th-century monastic refectory within the estate of  Villa Tolomei.

Like the villa, the “Conventino” has benefited from the magnificent redevelopment works began in 2007. Here, too, attention to detail is in line with the philosophy of the five-star resort and every room has been tastefully furnished and decorated.

villa tolomei conventino firenze

The “Conventino” boasts a wonderful colonnade overlooking Florence, an area where you can have dinner, or an aperitif in the evening – a gentle foretaste adding even more value to the venue and its culinary expertise. Surrounded by nature, the “Conventino” offers a charming, unique setting and a refined atmosphere that are suitable for important events such as receptions and weddings. An oasis of taste and elegance, it is a pleasant surprise for the guests of the resort, as well as a wonderful alternative for those who are not satisfied with the city centre.


Chef Marco Cerea offers traditional dishes, such as the “Ribollita Classica Toscana” (Tuscan Ribollita Soup) and “bistecca Fiorentina” (Florentine T-bone steak), and a touch of fusion cuisine, with dishes like the “Sushi di Chianina al Tartufo con Salsa di Asparagi” (Chianina beef sushi with asparagus sauce and truffles). The menu, which combines the flavours of the past and the demands of the present, provides both a “tasting” option  (fixed-price meal)  and a selection “à la carte”. Special attention has been paid to the needs of younger guests and simpler palates: the restaurant has a dedicated menu for children.

The wine list is generous and includes a remarkable selection ranging from famous Italian wines to sophisticated French champagne, not to mention the Chianti e il Sangiovese wines produced  by the commercial farm of Villa Tolomei.


The quality of the food is matched by an impeccable service, and our highly qualified staff will assist you with discretion and competence in your gourmet experience in order to make your lunch or dinner a real joy for your palate.

The Conventino a Marignolle is not only a cosy and elegant venue boasting an excellent restaurant, but also a special place in a city that keeps surprising visitors with the richness of its history and the timeless, heavenly tastes of its traditional cuisine.