Summer in Corsica: travel between the best local wines

Summer in Corsica:

travel between the best local wines


Vacanza in Corsica: viaggio tra i migliori vini del territorio

Beautiful beaches , breathtaking scenery and a dreamy sea: Corsica is all this and much more!

In fact, like most of the shores bordering the Mediterranean, Corsica boasts a wide and fine selection of both wine and food products: different types of wines, cheese and cold cuts as well as typical handmade products; the package Degustation Corse of Hotel des Pecheurs is a journey through these flavors and aromas is essential to fully appreciate the tradition and essence of Corsica during your holiday.

A journey through the wines of Corsica: the wine experience

The Corsican wine experience begins with the Etruscans and the Phoenicians, who introduced the first grapes to the territory. The evolution of wine continued to expand under the various periods of: the Roman empire domination, the Tuscans and in particular in the sixteenth century due  to the strong influence of Genoa. In the end, typical Corsican wines became famous throughout Europe in the Enlightenment period from the 1800’s leading up to its consolidated fame in the 1970s.

Let us discover in more detail the tradition of the best Corsican wines through two renowned local wineries : the domaine Villa Angeli and the domaine Clos Culombu Corse Calvi.



Travel between the characteristic wines of Corsica: an experience full of taste

Corsican wines such as  Villa Angeli and Clos Culombu, can be paired perfectly with a great variety of gastronomical local products:

The white wines have a pale yellow colour with green and golden shades, a fresh flavor and fruity notes with a hint of citrus; these go well with regional savory snacks such as the famous paté which is aromatised with balsamic herbs and dried fruits, as well as with typical Corsican goats cheese.

The red wines on the other hand are intense and structured and ruby ​​red in colour, and are characterised by red fruit flavours, licorice and wild spices, which are present in both the sense of smell and in flavor. Ideal to combine with Corsican wild boar and donkey salami as well as the renowned “Figatellu” liver sausage.

Last but not least, we come to the rosé wines, which are delicate and elegant in their pink colouring, as well as being fruity, fresh and balanced in taste. What would you pair a rosè with? With a wide selection of dairy and meat appetizers, in particular spicy antipasti, and delicious assortments of shellfish, such as mussels delicately blended with “Brocciu”, which is a typical fresh local cheese.

The right wine and food combination transform a simple tasting into a complete culinary experience; especially if flavors and fragrances are accompanied by a gentle sea breeze whilst watching a breathtaking sunset!




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